Tuesday, September 17, 2013

9/17/13 Training Update

By now, I recognize I have no rhyme or reason to when I will write a post.  When I am so moved, I will write.  Not a lot has evolved since my last race event but I think I've licked the shin splint that's been bugging my left leg for a few weeks.

Feeling stronger after some rest and some limited workouts by relegating myself to mostly swim workouts and a few bike rides, I decided I'd become restless enough and felt strong enough to go risk some damage and hit the trails.  7 miles later, I felt pretty good, pleased with the distance for having only run a little bit since the North East tri several weeks before.  With Ragnar around the corner, some quality mileage is required.

When a brief heat wave dissipated last week on Friday, the weather has been phenomenal.  Mid 40's in the morning, maybe touching 70 as a high and sunny blue skies, it's the kind of weather where I flirt with the idea of quitting my job and becoming a mountain man.  Seriously.  I love it outside.  Church is officially on Sunday but there's a lot of Spirit outside, lost in the woods, any time, any day.  Nature truly is my happy place... I think I'm becoming a hippie... CRAP.

After the run, post-run shake and some relaxing, Kristen and I visited her Crossfit Box to watch a small gym to gym crossfit games competition.  It was pretty awesome.  I could see myself enjoying that kind of competition but there are cost limitations going on here.  Adding $130-150 per month isn't really one of the things I think I need to do.  I'm already going to add USANA supplements back into my daily nutrition regimen which isn't very cheap.  I have no intention of hiring a coach, either.  I'm prepared to self-coach and suck before I submit to paying someone to identify and fix my faults and weak points.

Saturday night was a boozey, "dirty-30" birthday party for a good friend but I think after finally logging 7 beautiful miles on foot, it was time for some reward.  Sunday morning was a little painful but we survived, chowed down at a diner, did our grocery shopping, went to church and I had time to go to Dick's for some cycling supplies all before 11.  Not bad for arriving home at 1AM that morning.  I was compelled to go for my longest ride in years.  I was considering going out for an hour then making my way home so I loaded up on water, gu, snacks, Hammer perpetuem and a fully charged Garmin.  I rode out on the Schuylkill trail to Valley Forge and found my way to some really beautiful sections of trail through the Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary.  I rode around there for a loop then found the Perkiomen Trail and rode north for a few more miles before turning around for a cruise home and to ice my legs.  I rode almost exactly 30 miles that afternoon and celebrated by making some pulled pork.

 Garmin's services were down so I couldn't look at the details yet of my run and bike but based on overall feeling, I was very pleased with them.  I'm anxious to have a few longer rides soon and build up the mileage and pace.

I rested yesterday, and had a quick swim this morning.  I forgot my Garmin so I was forced to pay attention to my yardage.  The first 500 yds ticked off very easily then I broke into a set of 100's on 1:45.  I wasn't sure how many I'd do but getting really bored with it after only 4, I warmed down and headed to the office.   I know I'm hitting a mental wall at 1000-1200 yds with my swimming workouts.  Swimming is always easier when you're not trying to do a workout alone and you have at least a workout partner to pace, chase or race.  I skipped the USMS 5K over the weekend and may take on the 3000/6000 challenge.  There's a yardage hurdle that I think is my mental block.  Once I regularly swim about 2-3 miles/pool workout, I am certain my swimming gains will be more quickly realized.

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